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Whether you are a seasoned investor or a right out the box new-bee we may be of some assistance to you. It has been our experience that relationships build good business. Something we are working on is using some technology and other things at our disposal to add to the networking of our relationship. Therefore we are trying to put together a investor network in the central iowa area. So each of us may benefit from others experiences and trials.

Some things we have thought of is email newsletters, updates, posting on this or other pages of little snips of what is going on.

Another thought is from time to time we or others run across a deal that just doesn't fit our criteria but may be great for some one else. This network may be a way of relaying those kind of things.

If you have interest in being a part of this network please fill out the following form and submit it so we can include you in this endeavor. This will give you access to special pages for "investors only" on this site.

Thank you,

Your Email Address:


"No one will make your business for you.Take action today to build a great investment for tomorrow."

- T. Roth

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